Our vision

    Youth Alliance AISI is a no-profit organization established in January 2013 in Telavi by young experts in different fields. It operates in a socially and geographically disadvantaged rural area. AISI has 10 active members and more than 100 volunteers now, many of them young people with fewer opportunities. AISI aims to strength an European cooperation to share knowledge, ideas and expertise to develop their activities in the frame of social development, with a focus on social inclusion and rural development. It favors educational activities involving the local community and the people who come from local rural areas. To purse this aim we collaborate with local institutions, schools, universities, private social organizations.
    Fields of activities and expertise areas of AISI:
1. Development of competences, literacy, confidence of people from disadvantaged social groups;
2. Involvement of young people from disadvantaged groups in the social life;
3. Rising an interest on social responsible entrepreneurship and employment opportunities to increase wealth of each individual and societies;
4. Promotion of non- discriminatory attitudes and combating stereotypes in the society;
5. Sustainable development;
7. Promotion of healthy life-style;
8. Promotion of active citizenship.

our team


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Lionidze str. 2, Telavi 2200, Georgia

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