Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth

European project approved!

Youth Alliance AISI is happy to announce the launch of a new European project: ’Young
Entrepreneurs for Community Growth’! We worked hard in preparing this project having in mind the
benefits that it will bring to the young people.
’Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth’ aims to increase entrepreneurial competences and
the level of knowledge about the business potential of their region for young people from
marginalised, rural and disadvantaged areas of Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova with the
collaboration of partner organisations from Italy and Spain.
This project will involve at least 700 young people from the above-mentioned countries, aged 15-19,
from selected rural areas, that will participate in workshops with the aim to develop their
entrepreneurial potential, critical thinking and soft skills abilities. These workshops will use
innovative non-formal methodologies that will be created during the project by professional youth
The innovative non-formal methodology of entrepreneurial education for youth created will be
published in a tool-kit available in all of the partners languages and English. This methodology will
have an impact on youth workers all over Europe which will be able to implement the new methods
in their work of developing the entrepreneurial potential of youngsters.
A guide for youth called “1.2.3 START!- Up” will be developed as a result of the project. This guide
will offer essential information that will lead youth in developing entrepreneurial qualities, clarifying
and setting up life goals, offering tools to develop critical thinking and opening the path to adopt
proactive behaviours in their daily activities. The guide will be available in Georgian, Armenian,
Romanian, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish and English languages.
The project activities include: a transnational preparatory meeting, a research of the needs of youth
in the field of entrepreneurship education that will be undertaken in selected areas of the
implementing countries, a training course for youth workers, local workshops of entrepreneurial
education for youth, a youth exchange involving 60 young people from the 6 partner countries, local
conferences between government representatives, businessmen and young people and an
evaluation meeting.
In the project, 4 interactive web-platform will be developed, one in Georgia, one in Armenia, one in
Moldova and one in Ukraine. The web-platforms are addressed to youth who seek to get more
information about entrepreneurship, self-development, opportunities for starting a business,
funding opportunities.
The project is coordinated by Youth Alliance AISI from Georgia in collaboration with organisations
from other five countries: Poruch from Ukraine, Creatorii from Moldova, Cliento Youth Union from
Italy, ADEFIS Juventud International from Spain and Armenian Progressive Youth from Armenia.
Young Entrepreneurs for Community Development represents a Capacity Building in the Field of
Youth project, Eastern Partnership Youth Window projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
of the European Commission.