Local Training Follow-up & Tool-kit generation

International meeting

From the 9th of June through the 14th of June 2019 AISI hosted an international meeting part of the European project Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth.

The meeting aimed at developing the final Training-Kit for Youth Workers. The tool-kit is one of the main outcomes of the above-mentioned project.

For this, 30 participants from Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Italy and Spain reunited in a meeting based on facilitate discussion, group work and non-formal education. The participants were the trainers that have delivered the local training program of the project and experts from the partner organisations.

Participants came together and shared their experiences from the implementation of the local training program in their countries with a focus on the non-formal methods used. Participants analysed the experiences at local level in order to extract the lessons that allowed them to tailor the methods. The final training methodology was created based on the experience of the implementation of the workshops in each country and includes as well study cases and tips and tricks. You can read more about the local training programme here.

The tool-kit now only needs a few final touches and the design in order to be released online. After the launch o the tool-kit, youth workers all over the world will be able to replicate the training program for young people in their countries.

Participants have as well started working start working on the structure on the interactive web platforms that will be developed in Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine. The web-platforms are addressed to youth who seek to get more information about entrepreneurship, self-development, opportunities for starting a business, funding opportunities. The web-platforms are an innovation at local level of each country.

Apart from the working time, the project represented a reunion of the trainers who were present in Telavi at the end of February. Participants spent a great time altogether again and the big international team continues its journey.

This international meeting represents one of the main activities of the European funded project Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth.

Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth is coordinated by AISI Youth Alliance from Georgia in collaboration with organisations from other five countries: Poruch from Ukraine, Creatorii from Moldova, Cilento Youth Union from Italy, ADEFIS Juventud International from Spain and Armenian Progressive Youth from Armenia.

Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth is a Capacity Building in the Field of Youth project, Eastern Partnership Youth Window projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.