Tools for promoting youth entrepreneurship

International Training Course

AISI is preparing a new exciting international activity as part of the European project ‘Young entrepreneurs for community growth’.
The training course “Tools for promoting youth entrepreneurship” will reunite 30 youth workers coming from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Spain and Italy and will be held in Telavi, during 18 February to 3 of March 2019.
The main aim of this training is to create a space where youth workers will be trained to develop entrepreneurial competences of youth. For this, the participants will attend a variety of workshops that are based on methods of non-formal education. The participants themselves will become trainers of entrepreneurial education for youth and will design new methods in this area.
During the first days of the training, the activity programme focuses on developing youth workers skills as trainers of non-formal education. They will understand the main characteristics of non-formal education and will explore different techniques of designing new educational methods. The second part of the training is dedicated to specific subjects related to developing youngster’s entrepreneurial potential, soft skills and critical thinking abilities.
The new methods that will be designed by the participants will be used at local level in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain and Italy in workshops of entrepreneurial education for youth.
The training will be facilitated by experienced youth workers and experts in the area of entrepreneurship.
The whole programme will be intense and will require participants full involvement. Among the methods that are included in the training agenda, we can mention a few like: brain storming sessions, board games, interactive and creative activities, study cases, simulations, debates, mind-mapping, self-assessment methods, exploration, digital methods and quizzes.
We have also planned other activities for our participants. They will organise intercultural evenings that will allow them to know the culture and traditions of the other participants countries and other leisure time activities. Never the less, they will also have the chance to discover Telavi and its surroundings and to feel the hospitality of Georgia.
Now, all the partners involved in the project are having a selection process for the participants and are taking care of the practical and logistical arrangements needed before the training.
We will keep you updated with more info!
The training Course “Tools for promoting youth entrepreneurship” is one of the main activities of the project Young Entrepreneurs for Community Development co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.
The project is coordinated by AISI Youth Alliance from Georgia in collaboration with organisations from other five countries: Poruch from Ukraine, Creatorii from Moldova, Cliento Youth Union from Italy, ADEFIS Juventud International from Spain and Armenian Progressive Youth from Armenia.