Sound of Europe: Be Active

International Training Course

“Sound of Europe: Be Active” was a training course implemented by Youth Alliance AISI.
The project was a 7 days training course held in Kobuleti, Georgia that reunited 30 participants from 10 countries: Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.
The main aim of this project was to introduce non-formal education as a center-point in youth related international work which can not be in any way dislocated from any activity that would be foreseen in an international youth context. One of the biggest challenged faced by the European Union is that their members, the citizens, become more involved in the political and social life.

The project activities focused on: supporting the participants in building confidence and raising the level of confidence and self esteem; developing personal skills and identify the main characteristics and personal qualities needed nowadays to face youth unemployment and to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship; empowering the participants with practical skills in good communication, group dynamics, negotiation and decision making; informing the participants about opportunities and to develop new projects under the Erasmus+ programme; to stimulate participants interests in politics and raise their awareness on the meaning of politics in everyday life. The training agenda was based on methods of non-formal education.

The project promoted values such as volunteering, personal growth, participation, self-esteem, inclusiveness, empathy and tolerance. The activities related to the project also enriched participants with a portfolio of skills useful in their youth work in multicultural environments, increasing their employability opportunities. The learning process and the new competences equipped participants with means for effective decision-making in their daily life, at personal level, but also in their community life.

Apart from the session, participants were also able to enjoy the summer days in Kobuleti, Georgia and know the Georgian culture. Participants visited Batumi city and attended a traditional night in a Georgian restaurant.
At night, participants organised intercultural events where they have shared their cultures, traditional dances and foods and learned new things about the countries of the others.

The project was implemented by AISI team members together with the collaboration of the following partners: Europe4Youth from Poland, MTÜ Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing ESTYES from Estonia, AIESEC Bakı from Azerbaijan, Associazione “Chieti Resiste” from Italy, Genç Erişim Derneği from Turkey, Association House of Valle del Cauca – Acolvalle from Spain, МГО „Академія Української Молоді” from Ukraine, Tres Sorores from Moldova and EPD – European Projects Development from Portugal.
“Sound of Europe: Be Active” was financed by European Commission under Youth in Action programme.